Why You Should Watch Grey’s Anatomy: One of TV’s Best Shows

Okay, I’m going to take this article as a chance to man up: I WATCH GREY’S ANATOMY! And say what you will, but it is one of the best written shows on television. It is the best doctor/hospital show to hit the airwaves since E.R., and when it is all said and done, it might be on the level of the NBC legend.

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Last season, the show ended with several episodes that were incredibly suspenseful and enthralling. The entertainment level on this television series makes it one of the most watched programs in the nation. The show has won several awards including the Golden Globe Best TV Supporting Actress (Sandra Oh), the Screen Actors Guild Best Female Actor in a Drama Series (SandraOh), the TV Land Future Classic Award, the NAACP Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series Award (Isaiah Washington) and the Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting in a Drama Series.

The show focuses on the exploits of MeredithGrey, played by Ellen Pompeo,and her group of friends. Using the diary format, Grey projects her thoughts and overarching life philosophies and opinions, but she does not actually narrate any of the plot. Her thoughts can be said to be extremely insightful and yet awfully sarcastic at times. Grey is always getting into trouble and her love affairs are both juvenile and controversial. She sleeps with people who are married.

She sleeps with people when she is emotionally distraught. She sleeps with people the second after she swears off of men, and yet she rarely seems to learn from her experiences. Her intern friends are just as discordant, as they seek out the more interesting medical cases, get involved with patients and make childish yet tremendously entertaining wagers. The show is almost like the Saved by the Bell of the medical world. The characters just keep getting into trouble, but they always seem to find their way out. The show now airs on ABC on Thursday nights at 9p.m.

And despite its overwhelming success, and like any other Hollywood piece, it has received both its fair share of acclaim and criticism. As a show that documents the lives of an extremely racially diverse group of doctoral interns, doctors and chiefs of staff, the show has received tons of disapproval from critics who say that the show exaggerates the amount of fraternizing that goes on between medical professionals in a hospital setting.

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But I say: It is a television show! And if people did not “fraternize,” then what we would we watch? A bunch of people walking around silently with scalpels? Of course not. And besides, medical professionals must have some degree of fraternizing, and so a show that primarily depicts them chatting can just be said to be highlighting the most entertaining moments of doctors’ lives.

The show’s accredited cast, although powerfully talented, is no match for its innovative writer, ShondaRhimes. Her unique writing skills and highly complex plots are something of both genius and controversy. She has been attacked for not having a conventional format and realistic medical issues, however, her neophyte interest in medicine makes her plots and problems more appealing to the average viewer, and much more entertaining.

She has been quoted as saying that her interest in medical procedures comes from her love of medical documentaries on cable. And some of those unique medical procedures that you see on the Discovery Channel are presented on Grey’s Anatomy, and are things that you will not see on any E.R., House or Scrubs.

So go out and watch Grey’s Anatomy every Thursday at nine. And if you still don’t have enough of a reason to watch, then maybe I should mention that this show has one of the sexiest casts on television. So if you can’t watch for the plot, at least check’em out because their hot.