Top 5 alternatives to Putlocker in 2019

In today’s world, everyone is ready to sit at home and watch everything online. The worldwide reach of online streaming sites is just phenomenal. Earlier all the sites still existed but the sudden boom in the past decade or so, just extracted out the audience who were hungry for this kind of service.
The internet quality is judged by how fast the streaming happens. Actually, the streaming capabilities are one of the big reasons the high-speed internet requirement is at a hype. Putlocker is a site which is known for its streaming services. It offers you with some of the finest and also at times the most recent movies and series.

With the alarmed internet policing going on right now, people seem to jump to other similar sites for a longer stay and regular service. Without being blocked or disbarred.

Some of the alternatives for Putlocker are

Los Movies

This page is a very promising alternative to Putlocker and is pretty huge to compete with. A 2000-page long library of movies and TV Shows. A very vast site to go through and it just fascinates you with the number of movies and shows it offers you.

But this page does have a major let down with auto advertisements and pop-up blockers. Yes, this page is recommended but with the cushion of ad blocker and specifically pop-blockers.

Popcorn Flix

This site serves you with great choice of movies. All genres are actually filled up. The library is saturated. Starting from horror, romance, comedy, action, and thriller; everything is accessible without any pay. High Speed download can be accessed. Complete package of perfect blend of new and old movies and TV shows.

123 Movies

Unlike the other options, this site works around third parties and actually helps you watch the content through third parties, that is actually part legal than others. Other than that, this site gives you a complete collection of movies, shows and also cartoons, anime and Asian drama. Has an attractive interface.

Solar Movie

This site is a good-looking site with a very nice interface. But what makes it stand-out? This site actually informs you about which movie or which tv shows are trending and which of them are viewed more. So, it is easy to choose the good ones out of the lot.


A very easy to eye site. With a simple layout which lets you pick your own choice also has a recent column where all the recent movies or shows are added just to make it more convenient for you. But mostly this site caters to the best of best and to cinema lovers.